As attractive as the notion may be of kicking Trump out of office after the recent developments (and boy ain’t it attractive or what!!) this – in my opinion – would be a big mistake that would further aggravate the situation and make it more difficult for the new administration to help turn a page of a dark chapter in U.S. history which in itself will require plenty of time/effort. Surely the prudent thing now would be to unite the country while making sure to hold to account ALL who have conspired to defraud the American people during this Presidential election as a legal (NOT political process); that is of course if they do not flee the country first to friends in the Middle East or something. I would also understand trying to apply some legal shackles to prevent the child in the White House from doing further damage as I mentioned in a November 2020 post (link below).
This again is my totally Un-American opinion on an entirely American problem; well not entirely because in Britain we have a nut we’re also trying to crack!
Hope this helps.

Post Update (08/01/21)

Just to be clear regarding my above comments. What I would advise against is any Democrat-only efforts to remove Trump. If however there is bipartisan support for Impeachment as we’ve been hearing today this would be a different story altogether and the best approach forward  because of 3 specific things;
    1. It prevents the end of this Presidency of being seen as a norm particularly after latest developments where criminal investigation could already be underway. 
    2. It also prevents Trump from assuming any public office in future.
    3. It would also signal a political healing that needs to begin post this presidency. 
So long as there is indeed bi-partisan support for this effort this would most certainly be the best of all options. More important than any Impeachment is Accountability through a proper investigation of this child and his cronies even if they decide to jump ship in the last hour cause this ain’t their finest hour!

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