A Multiparty System Gone Wild

Once upon a time I used to believe in the multi-party system of governance but from what I see today that left to its devices it has been deformed beyond recognition to more of a platform used primarily to divide a nation and see only it in terms of black/white where policy is predominantly formulated based on party line irrespective of genuine national interest or the importance of compromise. This governance model needs to be either be fixed or done away because it is endangering our Democracy. A party system should be less about ideology and more about pragmatic policy that addresses real issues with realistic long term solutions that benefit the nation. What we currently have is a party system that operates primarily by;

  1. Painting the entire nation as them vs. us by delegitimizing/undermining the other side in the most vulgar/personal way, then we call for unity and assume the moral high ground.
  2. A system designed through a combination of financial corruption and/or narrow ideological prejudices to bow to influences of non-elected officials/power brokers (internal/external) as a matter of course. We have a entire Influence Industry infecting our politics for heaven’s sakes while news media organisations now see it their duty to spew bias 24/7 rather than objectively report/analyse news because they/we are all being drawn into the same box rather than what we should all be doing – destroying it.  

What we’ve reached now in terms of the extent of national division is largely due to this distorted system; one that has infected our political eco system divided us to a breaking point. A system designed to keep each side on its own island either throwing stones at the other side or lecturing them from afar rather than working together to bridge differences – this is also the goto strategy of our leaders in this day and age; an age where we face increasingly complex issues both national/foreign as well as environmental/health challenges that deserve much more of our attention/actions. We need to start looking/thinking about the big picture as I mentioned in many posts – NOT the specific policy issues – because only if we fix the big picture are we able to finally fix our politics; the answer is political overhaul or we fall because we need start thinking of the future and its own challenges rather than continually struggling with governance challenges because of the morally weak/unhinged politicians leading us.

U.S. Election – National Security in Jeopardy

It is quite easy to brush aside/characterize as futile the current administration’s & Republicans resistance to face up to reality with regards to conceding the election. The fact however – in my opinion anyway – is that these efforts can have profound national security implications both short term as we’ve seen yesterday in Washington and medium term  when it comes . This political posture cannot be allowed to continue unchecked though there definitely needs to be a balance in order not to aggravate the situation. Though I am definitely no legal expert but I suspect there could be some form of legal shackles imposed on this administration to prevent it from further endangering national security while ensuring a swift transition. What we know of the child occupying the White House is that being an unhinged personality during his tenure makes him much more dangerous having lost the election – kinda like giving an unbalanced child a match box in a fireworks factory.

The main point here is that something needs to be done and ignoring the old child in the White House ain’t one of them. 

Hope this helps.


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