An Excerpt From An Old Post Dated November 15, 2020 That Is More Relevant Now More Than Ever

U.S. Election – National Security in Jeopardy

It is quite easy to brush aside/characterize as futile the current administration’s & Republicans resistance to face up to reality with regards to conceding the election. The fact however – in my opinion anyway – is that these efforts can have profound national security implications both short term as we’ve seen yesterday in Washington and medium term  when it comes . This political posture cannot be allowed to continue unchecked though there definitely needs to be a balance in order not to aggravate the situation. Though I am definitely no legal expert but I suspect there could be some form of legal shackles imposed on this administration to prevent it from further endangering national security while ensuring a swift transition. What we know of the child occupying the White House is that being an unhinged personality during his tenure makes him much more dangerous having lost the election – kinda like giving an unbalanced child a match box in a fireworks factory.

The main point here is that something needs to be done and ignoring the old child in the White House ain’t one of them. 

Hope this helps.

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