This is going to be a brief one;
Horrific as the scenes of carnage at Capitol Hill today and recognizing that this should have been expected as I mentioned in a previous post the situation as it stands – in my opinion anyway – is less about Donald Trump and more about the GOP hacks that are giving him the space/support to dismantle American Democracy – or what’s left of it. Donald Trump is not an alien that just dropped unexpectedly from outer space; everyone knows – whether they admit so publicly or not – that he is an unstable child, so for the adults in the room (and that is stretching the term to a breaking point) who should know better to give him the opportunity/space/support to do what he wants is less the fault of the child but rather the fault of these political hacks that allowed him to go as far as he’s gone. Finally with regards to Congressmen/women who after this latest incident decide to jump the Donald Trump ship, I am afraid that doing so when the ship is already sinking does NOT really make you brave hearts if you know what I mean. As for the people who perpetrated this carnage I would remind everyone that it is much less about their fault than about the broken politics – and equally broken media – that has allowed (or even fueled) this level of violence to occur; if anything using them as scapegoats translates to getting the real political hacks responsible for this mess off the hook. I really hope that once the new Biden administration takes charge a proper investigation is carried out and all the crooks end up with the large legal hooks they deserve. 
While it is quite true dear friends that I’m no American, but I have to tell you something Americans out there; I’ve yet to see evidence of the America I/many once recognised just hearsay, and that’s the truly sad part in all of this!

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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