Here I only share the story published by the Associated Press news agency – link below; truly exhausting to keep up with the mess on both sides of the Atlantic particularly in the U.S. where it represents a typical case of, well…a Nut (or a fruitcake if you have a sweet tooth)

In a previous post – also link below – I advised against keeping this mental case in the White House until inauguration day without any legal shackles to prevent him doing further damage and by the looks of things I believe I was right – though certainly not a rocket science revelation. At any rate this is a story that promises to keep on giving before they finally drag covfefe out of the White House preferably to a mental institute/rehabilitation center so we can all finally breathe normally again.

Now can we all please/finally have some peace this Christmas? Oh….OK no more posts from this end but bear in mind this situation elapses at the end of BREXIT transition date/time 🙂 Take care!

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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