A wonderful message of support delivered by the French President Emmanuel Macron to the United States and its people. France is one nation that has always demonstrated its gratitude towards its U.S. ally that played a key role in its liberation during WWII however strained the relationship became during the Trump presidency. Though I do not agree with some of Emmanuel Macron’s foreign policy decisions he seems to be a man driven by his genuine passion to Democracy and Freedom and that’s refreshing to see in of itself.  However, all these wonderful words does not take away from the fact – in my opinion – that with the current political turbulence going on now in the U.S. it is likely that President Elect Biden will face an uphill struggle to achieve some level of normalcy/balance to U.S. politics after the transition. The priority of the new administration in the U.S should be less about how the U.S. is projected worldwide but rather to make every effort to come out with a detailed/inclusive plan for political reformpossibly with the support of previous U.S. leaders excluding the Mr. Forty Oops President  of course – because by the looks of things no level of normalcy can be sustained without such a plan as well as actions on the ground that attempt to achieve it. Part of the plan needs to be a new way to do politics in Washington and set some new foundations on that front. The United States needs a form of political revolution to make it a viable/effective world power again driven not merely by military might but with a set of core/consistent/unshakable values; as a matter of fact we could all do with reflecting on/articulating these values once again because I feel many western leaders talk of them while their actions do NOT reflect them.  Finally let me reiterate something I mentioned in many previous posts; the U.S. soft power is it’s only unique power hence the fact that values are a big part of the equation and  I’m certain all U.S. allies out there are ready/willing and able to stand behind the United States throughout the recovery process. My own humble message to America is this; please STOP waving flags and preaching about how unique the American experience is which is partly how you got into this nationalist fix; just come back stronger and confident enough that you don’t actually need to do any of these silly things to project such confidence.
Hope that makes sense.

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