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Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire

Very shocking to watch one of the icons of France go into flames. My heart goes to the people of this great/proud nation on this very emotional moment; a moment I am certain that is shared by many around the world, but in my mind the symbols of France run […]

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France Needs to Establish Some Context

Let me begin by saying that I am no politician and I am definitely no expert on the internal politics of France. That said I have to admit I am a big admirer of President Emmanuel Macron ever since he appeared to capture the imagination of the French people – and […]

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The Cowards Strike Again

Deepest condolences to family/friends of the victim of this cowardly attack in Paris last night and prayers to all injured from it. The battle against terrorism starts and ends with us all holding to our values and way of life. It is a battle that does not start at the […]

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