Here is what we’re up against;

  1. Germany tries to stop U.S. from luring away firm seeking coronavirus vaccine: As I mentioned in my previous post below the effort to counter this pandemic needs to be globally coordinated for it to be effective. So when I read news like this I feel that we’re exacerbating the problem not solving it. Trump has proved time and again to be a danger at a global scale and this pandemic is not going to change it but more than anything will merely highlight it. I also hope that the the EU would finally see the light and begin to lead in developing this necessary globally coordinated effort in the fight for our lives.
  2. Media Coverage and Coronavirus Panic: What the Numbers Show: The media has a crucial role to play in minimizing panic and ensuring balanced reporting on this topic. I have recently been receiving updates for the New York Times and many  others UK based media organizations and it seems that there is that same tendency that we’re used to from the media of overanalyzes and sensationalism – in good times that ain’t OK but in times like this it is utterly irresponsible to apply this same approach. In my opinion there needs to be some level of official government guidance because the media is a fundamental player in the overall strategy in facing this pandemic. Governments also need to counter social media fake news by developing 1 (only 1 main site) for latest information/guidance – local & national -about the pandemic and make sure it is well publicized.

Anyway, stay vigilant but don’t panic (switch off news more often) and more importantly have a nice weekend.

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