The Coronavirus: A Pandemic without Borders Requires a Strategy without Borders

With the recent developments of the Corona virus I decided to write this short post on the topic. True I am no medical expert but it seems to me that we’re missing 2 potentially important factors when confronting this and similar pandemics;

  1. The overwhelming focus seems to be on national strategies in terms of protections taken as well as on the R&D side to come up with a vaccine and potential cure for the disease. This in my opinion is the wrong approach and is likely to drain resources/efforts without properly confronting this pandemic effectively or at the very least can take much longer to contain it while risking more lives in the process. In these situations there should be a more globally coordinated effort both in terms of containment procedures as well as the R&D to come up with a vaccine – a model that can be used/perfected when facing similar cases in future and I suspect the World Health OrganizationWHO would have a lead role to play in this situation.
  2. Governments seems more inclined to reactively take steps based on latest developments – drip by drip approach – rather than proactively taking firm steps from day 1 to prevent and/or minimize the spread of the disease based on worst case scenarios but obviously without spreading panic in the process. There is certainly a balance to be had but a weak/confused strategy – unlike in politics – can be deadly serious.

Hope this makes sense. More importantly stay safe and follow precautionary advice.

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