As usual Señor ‘U’onson and his incompetent team of political hacks make a mess in responding to the new COVID-19 strain in a way that isolates the UK entirely from Europe and many other countries;  why jump the gun, it’s coming naturally in January 2021 just wait for it naturally… The clever man as many suspect seems to have wanted badly to earn the ‘U’ in his name by trying to make yet another U-turn to initiate a tier-4 shutdown during Christmas. If this for any reason is not the case it is actually quite simple be debunked by releasing to the EU the data that suggests that the new COVID-19 strain is indeed 70% more contagious – as suggested by this so-called government – than the previously discovered ones and clarity as to why this has only been discovered now. Let me also recommend that for the sake of full transparency no EU state that has taken steps to stop all travel to/from the UK is allowed to resume any form of travel unless/until this information is received and put in the public domain.

By God aren’t we just lucky to have him as our skipper!

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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