I came across this clip on Youtube and thought to share here to whoever is interested in U.S. politics; and who the hell isn’t nowadays. Here are my brief comments on the analysis presented in this report – you should obviously first watch the clip;
  1. The Fear of a New Party: This should NOT be perceived as a fear factor. In fact this is what Democracy is all about. This also in a big way helps cleanse the Republican party from members that are keen to push the it off the cliff due to extremist ideology so that the party can finally return to its core values. It will also help clear the political playing field to make it less confusing and thus more effective to strategies on how to debate issues based on true values of the party and work with other parties that share most of such values/learn to work more effectively in a non-partisan mode. It will also help expose the extremist ideology in its purest form and its complete impotence in presenting any viable governance model and/or solutions short-medium or long term to deal with the many complex issues we face in this day and age in the multicultural society we already live in which is yet another factor that we can rely to fight these sick ideologies – facts they cannot hide from – but we do need our reps and political parties to better represent our diversity because that’s also a game changer.
  2. Political Engagement: There needs to be a more effective engagement with these fringe groups at every level – not by lecturing or mocking them – but rather understanding their concerns and attempting to help them find a better realistic approach to deal with these issues. This until we finally reform our social/educational/political to prevent these fringe groups from occurring again in future.
  3. Laws to Fight Disinformation: Above all and as I mentioned in so many of my posts we need to develop a more robust legal/prosecutorial system that deals more effectively/swiftly with any form of disinformation wherever it occurs and whoever perpetrates it. Freedom of Information cannot be magically transformed to Freedom of Disinformation while we’re having a cup of coffee and there needs to be consequence when people lie. Depending solely on media companies to regulate themselves MUST END “period” and accountability must reach to the highest office in the land otherwise Freedom of Information suddenly becomes a national security risk – we need to protect information otherwise it becomes meaningless. Also please remember that freedom of disinformation is a lifeline for any extremist group so that needs to be shut down even if executive power is required.
I may add to these points in the next few day but I’ll stop here for now cause I think I covered the basics which I hope may be useful. My final point is this; I’m not actually worried of the alt-right threat, it is here for a reason but it also needs to completely defeated once and for all otherwise we’ll be putting out its fires for the foreseeable future. No there are tools that we can use effectively but my worry is we become sloppy and let the situation get out of hand. Though I’m no American we do have a similar situation in the U.K and most of the Trump effects have been spilling over here even before BREXIT hence my interest in the subject.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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