A great clip my Danish MP Ida Auken explaining to Covfefe in simple terms the concept of Climate Change. It is merely a crash course of course and may NOT actually end up getting him credits but it can at least help him get started on the subject. The problem however is the fact that there is far too many subject matters in his “Need to Know Basket” that it would take him years to go through; so I guess we have no choice but to  continue counting on his shear instinct as US leader to make consequential changes to the world order that may end up affecting us for generations to come – now how comforting is that? I guess we can all benefit from some reflection to learn lessons that can help protect the world from the influence of ignorant leaders like Covfefe with specific/narrow agenda’s; one certain path is a stronger EU as well as strong ties/cooperation with regional organisations because the old template of Super Power play is no longer a viable one; trust me there are plenty of creative/exciting possibilities that can come out this challenging experience. But with that said let me say to MP Ida Auken; great effort in producing this crash course but I hope you’re NOT expecting miracles, right?

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