BREXIT Politics of play-as-you-go continues thanks to the total morons running the country; now rather than playing with the country’s future they decided to keep busy by putting peoples lives at risk. From the concept of pick & mix vaccines to one the promotes the 1 instead of the prescribed 2 dose vaccine, I truly feel we’re entering the under-developed nation status with flying colours. The Go-it-Alone Britain approach is really picking up pace but unfortunately in a downhill trajectory – with the people again paying the ultimate price – and boy is the world taking notice. I wish we could have quarantined ourselves to cover up the mess we’re facing because fighting a pandemic is one thing, but fighting a pandemic with a group of morons leading the country is something else altogether. I’m truly truly shocked at the level of incompetence that exists in the 2021 Britain governance model and the ignorance of its backers – ain’t nothing to do with BREXIT or NO BREXIT; just surviving these 2 elements alone in this day-and-age is a mystery. Then appears out of nowhere as usual comes Tony Blair with more foolish political advise on the pandemic – a foolish / incompetent politician giving advice on healthcare; NO please  NOT NOW!!!

I really really hope for the best, but expect no less the worst in the days to come – and boy do I hope I’m terribly wrong for the sake of a country being devastated by 2 major blows happening at the same time. The only way out as mentioned in a previous post if for politicians to shut the hell up and let medical & NHS experts make decisions backed by science – pure/simple.

May God bless Britain!

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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