It seems the Spanish government is running out of ideas in fighting the COVID spike so they finally came up with an unintelligible brainstorm concept (or more like a result from a storm in the brain so to speak). They are now considering introducing a state of emergency to implement curfews in hot spot regions of Spain. My question is really quite simple; where the hell are they getting this advice from? Is it now a given that a pandemic automatically follows curfew rules? And where is this suggested 6 months emergency period coming from – do they know something about the pandemic we don’t know about? Truly I feel politics is getting in the way in properly dealing with this medical emergency we all face and undermining the efforts in dealing with it as well as people’s confidence in the strategy. As I mentioned before targeted-timely lockdowns for areas facing spikes is the way to go as mentioned in this post and as mentioned this also needs to be validated by medical experts NOT genius/egocentric politicians eager to play politics with peoples lives. Let me repeat again; curfews/restrictions are useless and we need to come up with a long-term consistent yet adaptable strategy that people can understand and one that make sense and applied internationally as much as possible with the help of the WHO.

Here is the fundamental point; there is no such a thing as a silver bullet in fighting this pandemic when we’re still in the process of trying to understand it; it is far more effective in situations like this to have a consistent / clear / adaptable strategy while making incremental adjustments that make sense to most people and widely supported by evidence and medical experts.

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