Hi All

Just a simple update to keep everyone following this blog site in the loop in terms of changes to content. First I would like to thank you all for continuing to follow my blogs and for many of your email comments supporting the site and making truly valuable suggestions for content. However the mixed content on this site is getting a bit confusing which is not only affecting my workflow in trying to sync/organise content but also undermining the overall value of the site when content is so diverse. So I decided to keep it simple by using my photography site fidelitospix.com as the only one dedicated purely for photography related blog posts because that’s where the repository of my photo’s are stored and my youtube channel – here – dedicated purely for my music posts – a simpler approach; this while the My Journey with the Trumpet page on this site will continue to display the most recent youtube music posts I upload.  This site on the other hand will continue but will be dedicated more towards current affairs rather than a mixed bag of everything, though I will of course post an update here when there are promotions with a public SALE Gallery at fidelitospix.comby the way I hope you become regular visitors to this site if you are keen on photography artwork while actively sharing your comments on my posts which will also include technical tips – as well as when I publish the latest photos via a video gallery on Youtube which I hope to do on a monthly basis so you can see what I’ve been up to.

If you have any comments do let me know as usual and again thanks so much for your time and continued support for this site.

Take care & stay safe.

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