Now this will be short/sweet cause this is not a post about the detailed assessment of the proposition. At the face of it this may well be an interesting initiative – though the idea of having businesses contribute more effectively towards environmental causes is NOT a new one – so packaging it into an initiative may well be a useful proposition if properly promoted, and of course timing is key. So how are we doing on timing here, any hints? Let me get us started;

  1. BREXIT Challenges for UK businesses – lets call it BREXIT Carta or perhaps to make it unique call it the BREXIT Ala Carta; does that ring a bell at all?
  2. COVID-19 Pandemic raging in the UK and across the world demolishing businesses & peoples lives; how about that one?
You see it’s all about timing; so however wonderful your ideas may be it would be wise to keep them close to your chest away from the public domain until we all deal with the emergency on our hands then please go ahead tell us your story; otherwise the story you will likely get is how out of touch you may be with current events. Let me also say that my beef is NOT with Prince Charles and I do NOT doubt his passion towards the environmental causes but I’m merely questioning his timing. Oh and finally during the interview he mentioned something about “falling off a cliff” or being completely unprepared and I was NOT sure if he was talking BREXIT, the Pandemic raging in the UK or the environment so my suggestion to him would have been to help guide the British government in the 2 domains mentioned above before they hit rock bottom with the same philosophy and passion that helped develop this initiative considering that such an initiative would have in the works for several months now. Getting the backing of a group of high profile companies particularly with his contact base should not be surprising but nonetheless is a good start; so why waste the effort – or at least undermine the effort – with bad timing? And before I forget thanks to Richard Quest of CNN for his challenging questions to Prince Charles; as Sir Humphrey Appleby once said “that’s what friends are for!”

PS: (As a side note); wouldn’t be great when we read less in the news about how Prince William’s birthday feels very different amid the COVID pandemic or Royal Christmas videos or romance blossoming  between Royal couples and more about seeing them in action visiting families/communities directly affected by the pandemic or activities directly helping businesses deal with effects of BREXIT? Just a thought…

Hope this helps

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