We seem to be facing a 2nd wave of COVID outbreak in Europe and every government  seems to be struggling to come out with answers because of the delicate balance between Life & Politics!!. I’ve written before about this pandemic on this site so will not rehash my views. The reason for this brief post to share a thought that could be considered by more informed health experts; where there is a spike there should be a full lock down for at least 1 week to be able to assess the situation and make informed decisions accordingly; I believe China has a similar strategy. The concept of applying restrictions is utterly useless when dealing with a 2nd wave and the situation in each region in terms of causes of the spike may be somewhat different from another which could require a different strategy. So a temporary lockdown could be used NOT only to stop the spread of the virus but also to assess the sources that are causing the surge and come up with appropriate solutions accordingly. We know full well we’ll be living with this pandemic for a while so we need to adapt to this new situation and we cannot adapt to it if governments continue to come up with conflicting, confusing/futile efforts that exacerbate the situation. This a situation is one that requires true leadership, transparency & a steep learning curve that needs to be applied and constantly reassessed to adapt to new circumstances/data – this should be a model for all governments in this day and age.

Hope this helps in some way.

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