Now considering this is the weekend I am only going to make it short/simple by sharing a tweet by one of the Labour politicians – a Remainer – and my response tweet. You may all know by now that I am indeed a Remainer myself but NOT the EXIT BREXIT kind of guy but rather a People’s Vote chap – wow look how complex personalities BREXIT has created – should be unpacked by psychologists/historians at some point 🙂 Anyway, the tweet demonstrates how social media is being abused as a forum for self promotion as well as for completely futile political activism. Among the many many takeaways of BREXIT one I would suggest we need to look at carefully is how politicians have utilised the communication age for all the wrong reasons and transformed the Internet into a gigantic garbage dump by not only disseminating disinformation but also useless information that wastes time/effort but advances nothing. In other words before we get our heads around (AI – Artificial Intelligence)  we need to first try and focus on ( BII – Basic Information Intelligence) to better utilise the Internet and ridding it from the garbage that it has accumulated through the years by some form of regulation and/or education/training particularly where governance/public service is concerned especially when considering the use of Social Media platforms. On the positive side though this is what’s counted as the political leadership representing Liberal Britain in these desperate times; no wonder we’re here, right 🙁 Anybody for a drink?


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