The real double-lock we face in present day Britain is less about public finances but more about a representative democracy that has produced 2 so-called leaders that are keen to keep their eyes shut about the obvious effects of BREXIT on where we are today and the actual cost – to a large degree – that the most vulnerable of are being asked to generously fork out. This while the well off political establishment who actually caused the mess in the first place either through action or inaction have their own comfortable workarounds to help navigate these troubled waters. In my opinion this is precisely the moment where the BREXIT debate should be reviewed/resolved not just because of the mess we’re in but more importantly because after many years of trial/error mostly of political & economic downturn we have concluded without a shadow of doubt that many of the assertions/promises made during the BREXIT referendum turned out to be pure lies simply because there were no guidelines for political debates nor where there protections against foreign meddling that stained the process itself. In other words the default in settling such complex, critical/contentious issues should be through the democratic process itself, but if we choose to settle them via a referendum there needs to be 2 specific requirements;

a) there needs to valid reason such a drastic change in our existing relation with the EU that warrants a referendum and

b) there should be well defined protections against abuse of the process internally or externally so that the public is clear on the ramifications of the existing & changing relationship expected.

In a nutshell the political establishment focused on running towards the exit doors without entirely grasping how we got there in the first place and without a pragmatic exit plan that is less likely to cause damage to the country simply because this was not possible with all the ludicrous promises/expectations made. So yes I do agree that referendums when conducted properly/fairly should stand the test of time particularly when they define long term relations with partners/allies but the political establishment drove us into this crash with their eyes wide open which is why in my opinion part of the BREXIT resolution should be a BREXIT accountability plan for time/resources wasted and a country in the midst of an political/economic meltdown where the most vulnerable of us are to be hit the hardest. We also need an urgent overhaul of our archaic political system which is no longer fit for purpose as I mentioned repeatedly in previous posts; but that’s another story altogether. As for our future relationship with the EU once the British people finally/properly have their say as mentioned the important thing is NOT whether we’re back in or out but rather to build a strong/effective/strategic and sustainable relationship with the EU in world growing more complex/competitive by the day – and more importantly one driven by values more than ever before; this is precisely why we don’t see many European alt-right parties seeking the exit doors; they are aware of this simple fact and they’ve already seen the BREXIT mess in action that the Brits are paying day-in-day-out. The EU certainly ain’t perfect union but rather an ongoing and if we’re smart we should know by now that like or not it’s an important part of our future so lets make the best of this partnership. After all BREXIT was not about replacing european migrants with non-european ones while bearing in mind that we are already  a nation of migrants and our economy is built (among others) on their contribution/dedication? Let’s also keep an eye on the precise elements of this trade deal being negotiated by Sunak!

Hope this helps.

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