Truly an utter disaster that keeps on giving, and unfortunately up till now we seem to keep on taking. I’ve written plenty about BREXIT but there are some twists to the story that I’m too weak to pass by without comment. As you’ll see from the referenced article link below  it seems that the British government is now (6 painful years later) considering a Swiss style relationship with the EU. In fact this news in of itself – if accurate – is yet another reason why another referendum is needed and here’s why; any relationship changes that are not compatible with expectations made during the flawed referendum of 2016 (you can read my previous post below as well as many others on this site. why it was flawed) is an affirmation that such expectations where in reality a pack of lies that led us to the BREXIT doors. Now we’re expected to go through yet another cycle of change propositions in our relationship with the EU without being allowed to debate the original basis of our exit from the Union. BREXIT has been defined with a specific set of parameters/expectations and any diversion deems the whole referendum and the result as void/baseless. In other words that punchline “Making BREXIT Work” does not translate to diluting foundational elements of what BREXIT meant during the referendum by politicians who articulated its definition in no uncertain terms. I just cannot believe the extent to which BREXIT has tarnished not just our image but more importantly the fundamentals of our democracy.  This is something that will likely require decades to rebuild hopefully by a new generation/breed of politicians who are able to resist/challenge this toxic political system that we have set on auto drive for much too long with a bunch of largely unfit public servants and ones with suspect allegiances that should not be allowed anywhere near Parliament/Whitehall.

Change is needed fast if we are to end this political hijack of both leading parties who are keen to continue using this country as a test lab without allowing us a say on one of the most consequential decisions we face particularly after the cat is out of the bag. This ain’t about BREXIT and never has been my friends but rather about Democracy pure/simple and the flawed process. that got us there and continues to this day.

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