It was absolutely shocking to watch Andrew Marr in the clip below suggesting that the ousting of Liz Truss (a.k.a MisTrust) is proof that our parliamentary democracy works just fine. I guess if you choose assess the quality of your computer by its ability to restart by pressing a single button rather than its operational stability/performance and number of times it crashes this can only mean you’re assessment is far more subjective than you would care to admit. I have written plenty on this site including quite recent posts about the rot we face in our political establishment that’s no longer fit for purpose and suggestions on the way forward to fix it entirely so I’ll not rehash here. Even the head of the opposition Keir Starmer in all his recent interviews admits he wants a general election because the nation needs a Labour government rather than what should be the core premise of protecting our democracy and the peoples right to have their say after this chaotic Conservative run. As I mentioned before there are ways to address this corrupt political system-which in my book should be top priority-because we should stop being naive in believing that one can rely on the internal workings of the corrupt system itself to address its fundamental shortcomings. The chaos we’ve been facing since 2016 isn’t merely a question of economics but much more about 2 specific areas;

  • An archaic/corrupt governance model no longer fit for purpose
  • Core values tarnished

This last point leads me to the challenge ahead for the Conservative party which is electing a leader within a week as we continue our role as spectators from the sidelines until yet another accidental leader is selected. The problem here is this; where you normally choose leaders based on the breadth of their credentials and expertise (this not being a purely financial wizardry as the case would be for selecting a Chancellor) the indication is that Rishi Sunak will become next PM. The fact of the matter is there’s no one on the candidate list suitable to become our next leader least of all mini-Boris (it’s shocking he was allowed to put his name forward again for the role and merely demonstrates the state of desperation in the Conservative party and the rotten system driving this country).

So to sum up let me just say that we should expect bumpier roads ahead until we begin fixing the foundation of our governance model including how our candidate leaders are identified/elected rather than patching it up and focusing on the symptoms rather than root cause.

Have a great weekend 🙂

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