There isn’t much for me to say about the following clip except this little nugget;

It demonstrates in no uncertain terms how in post-BREXIT Britain racism has become a trend – a quite open/acceptable trend and the internal social & political fractures it’s costing the nation; not to mention values that have been tarnished beyond recognition. It also makes you wonder about the right-wing non-caucasian muppets of migrant backgrounds that took on high political ranks in the last few years to fight migration in an overly aggressive (possibly illegal) manner never seen before for the sake – in my opinion –  of gaining validation/identity from racist bigots within the Conservative party structure to achieve political ambitions however disingenuous/disgusting it makes one who stoops so low as to deliberately ignore their own personal background/experiences. So my message to these guys/gals is simple; you are a convenient political marker to provide an illusion of an inclusive/multi-racial party but your actions in promoting this xenophobic/racist ideologies will prove a self-inflicted harm sooner or latter as we see in this clip because colour & migrant background is something you’re stuck with. So take pride in it and make sure your actions reflect that otherwise your integrity suffers and your political ambitions can only take so far because of the rigid boundaries you helped create.

As for the caller who called into the show, and as a non-caucasian immigrant myself I can only say that it would be wrong to blame him for his views; it is the system that allowed these xenophobic views to fester and subsequent governments that all but gave up on integration and balanced/well-designed immigration policies for the dire situation we face today.

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