I’ve written plenty about the dismal performance of the Liberal Democrats – a party I called my own quite a few years back until I discovered they are indeed a hopeless case and that was pre BREXIT – and I highlighted the many failures of the party during and after the referendum. Today however I decided to briefly revisit this topic due to the clip I shared below about a BREXITEER caller who admits to his credit that BREXIT has indeed been a disaster and he’s seeking to find a political party that campaigns to rejoin the EU. That last part really set me off because as I’ve mentioned in many of my previous posts that there is big chunk of the British population that is not being represented by neither of the main parties on the question of BREXIT. You would think that the Liberal Democrats would use this opportunity in filling this void not just as a political party but as a rigorous campaigner to lead the call for a 2nd referendum across parties and provide the arguments and strategy in rejoining the EU. Sadly but expectedly the party has performed dismally yet again on this issue and a big part of any failure is poor leadership which has been the hallmark of the party for as long back as I can remember. I have nothing against Ed Davey the current leader of the party but we have to admit he’s not the kind of charismatic character needed to drive/lead on this major issue as has been proven and I suspect if he’s honest with himself and dedicate to the cause he would admit this simple fact. Its time for the party to move and find another leader with the necessary profile to completely transform this merely participatory political party into an electable one with a clear program/vision able to lead from day 1 in government and with the capacity/talent to lead in defining a more pragmatic future for this country on many issues. Too much effort/resources and false expectations are being wasted if this cannot be achieved particularly where there is ample opportunity for them to shine as is the case currently with the BREXIT debate. If the party continues to underperform then they might as well give up on this whole worthless project for the sake of the millions being misrepresented and so we can quickly turn a page and come up with a new liberal party able to lead/deliver on key issues facing this country with a well articulated plan rather than cheap punchlines. I have no expectations from the LibDems but for the sake of this country I can only hope things change soon.

What do you think?

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