I recently came across this tweet below about BREXIT which establishes some context in terms of the cost of BREXIT as opposed to other deal options being pursued. The other part of this context in order to provide a fuller picture is that we should also consider the costs of these new deals on any of the following;

  • Cost/implications to public services like the NHS
  • Cost/implications to economic sectors like farming industry in relation to the Australia deal
  • Cost/Implications on non-EU migration whether legal migration through economic agreements or illegal ones in developing integrated strategies to tackle this issue collaboratively. We can now see the mess and read the stats.
  • Cost/implications on developing/maintaining independent standards like food standards, employment standards, safety standards etc.  All this results in more restrictive/costly bureaucracy & regulation to govern trade not with the single most lucrative market across the border but with in developing new economic deals with nations around the world which when summed up cannot replace the economic benefits as well as the multiple integration points that already exist and can be reactivated with the EU.

So in layman’s terms; why fix what ain’t broken?

As for worker strikes here’s a simple message to Britain;

Please put an end to this strike overdrive going on in the country by different groups/unions that is in effect a zero sum game and instead unite to bring back focus on the economic benefits we’ve all lost by exiting the EU and how to reverse this course and break away from the shackles we’ve tied our future with because that is a win-win proposition for all and where results are more immediate/sustainable once economic confidence returns and where the government response will likely be both positive and immediate; so find a uniting cause to be more effective and resolving BREXIT could serve as an ideal cause. In Europe we see plenty of coordinated actions by different union when it makes perfect sense. Current strikes penalise the wrong people, will jeopardise public support & does not deal with fundamental issue causing misery to all (a recked economy & fragile public services). Coordinated/sustained/peaceful demonstrations with a clear set of demands to resolve this issue is a more prudent way to go in my opinion so long as efforts are taken to minimise disruption as much as possible. Remember these are NOT normal times we face in this country so it makes sense to deal with this situation differently; there is a national cause here and people should come together and treat it as such rather than resorting to conventional labour union tactics.    

The fact of the matter is there’s always a cost/benefit outcome to our decisions (no rocket science is it?). It is also clear that the UK is much more vulnerable economically outside the EU and the British government is much more likely to agree on unfair deals in order maintain any slim economic benefits because the lifeline in focus is that of the party not the country as we’ve seen in the Australia deal, and we’ll very likely see in the upcoming India deal. In other words we’re now up for sale as I anticipated in a post in 2017. So the first step is to get the facts straight, weigh in the options and then make an informed decision; this did not happen in the first unregulated referendum of 2016 marred by disinformation and false/unrealistic expectations-these are facts which we knew then and merely have more irrefutable evidence now. So as I repeat in many of my posts let’s resolve this BREXIT nugget properly/deliberately and let’s lead in driving our future forward rather than relying on a broken political system where its primarily driven by ego, self-preservation, greed and political posturing rather than on genuine national interest. Strikes only dilute the issue and resolve very little if anything.

What do you think?

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