More lives taken from us today, this time mostly children and teenagers by the cowardly terrorist attack in Manchester. Should we be angry, of course we should. But this anger should not just be directed at the terrorists but at the British government itself for its failures. But before getting into that let me just say this; I’ve been blogging for what seems to be ages now about dangers of flawed Foreign Policies that are in effect fuelling terrorism which as we know has no boundaries. Here are some relevant links in case you’re interested because I do intend to repeat all this here;

What I hope to do here is summarise my views about these failures in the hope that someone of authority is able to at least assess because now we’ve reached a stage where it is not enough for our hero politician to come on the air and express deep sorrow/condolences. They need to take decisive actions review/change flawed policies which are effectively loopholes in our efforts of fighting terrorism. So here is the simple summary gathered – where relevant – from all the posts above;

  1. Dancing – or “Bouncing” in Trump’s case – with authoritarian/repressive regimes in the Middle East for the sake of a buck/preserving narrow national economic interests should be terminated because it is unquestionable that although these regimes may be involved in fighting terrorism their rule is actually one of the causes for terrorism so we end up in an endless loop-and guess what it’s costing British blood at home & abroad.
  2. Promoting conflict in the ME-like the one currently between Shia/Sunny Islam-and encouraging lucrative arms deals for that same damn “buck’ is a serious mistake not even long term (but very short term) and will undoubtedly affect our security in the process – adding fuel to fire by providing sophisticated weaponry to such reactive/immature regimes is NOT a good idea. It can also be argued that it is a false economy when we get billions of pounds in arms deals with these countries and spend them back in trillions whether it be on military/security interventions abroad or in economic instability due increased security threats.
  3. We need to rebuild trust in our immigration/integration strategy which has been failing for years. I suspect that one of the main reasons for this is that specialist are not consulted and money/effort being squandered on flawed tried/tested strategies. We need to see swift action as a matter of priority.
  4. We need a complete overhaul of our security procedures/policy after this latest attack to ensure we have proper measures in place and a solid process for reviewing/securing venues/gatherings – we can no longer hear the phrase “suspect was known to the police”; well what the hell good did that do? We also need to up the stakes in our military efforts of fighting terrorism wherever it happens to be to demonstrate a clear commitment by this country in this direction.

The bottom line is that these “Cobra” meetings have to demonstrate something concrete on the ground on all areas mentioned above-it is not just about sounding good/serious. We need transparency of actions where possible and solid parliamentary oversight when this is not possible. That said I do not trust the current leadership and the system they preside on to achieve these objectives simply due to the bureaucracy of the system the archaic mentality running the country; hence the need to for new/young leadership that has the energy/ability to inject new ideas/approaches to government. But now that we’re stuck with what we have we need to make the best of it by becoming activists like what is currently happening in the United States, to help control politicians before they get ahead of themselves and drown us in the process.

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