Hearts, minds and prayers go to all affected by the cowardly terrorist attack last night in Manchester as well as their family/friends. Yet again words fail me in expressing the extent of my anger/disgust at the cowards whoever/wherever they are. This one is especially painful as the attack targeted young people & children and likely to cause severe trauma from this experience to many having just listened to one of them on the news media-the government needs to ensure that all affected get the necessary support/care. More importantly we need to do a better job protecting the people – the situation as it stands is NOT good enough especially considering we’ve had a previous terrorist incident this year;  I hope we see swift new measures in that direction while ensuring culprits at all levels are brought to justice. Finally I truly hope the UK government would consider expanding its current military & political contributions demonstrating its commitment at rooting out terrorism wherever it is-we also need a serious overhaul of our diplomatic strategy in this direction and revoking flawed policies that have/continue to cost us dearly.

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