This article (link below) demonstrates the mess that has become of the Business of Government-or rather the Business in Government-in the United States. It is truly shocking the level at which US government has been overtaken by Business and headed by one of the most corrupt businessmen in history. Business expertise could be an asset but at the same time there is a kind/level of expertise that is toxic which one should stay well clear of and Trump embodies that precise profile to the extent that one could deem it the “Trump Business Model”. This not to mention the fact that the government has become largely a family affair despite the non existent expertise at any level of government or public service to all members involved including Kushner, then you begin to appreciate the massive fix the United States with all its glory seems to be mired in. Fixing this mess is one thing, but eliminating any chances for a repeat scenario will take a bigger effort from politicians. It all starts with a change in the “Politics” of Washington which to me seems highly unlikely to happen before injecting the system with new blood/vision. The current model of politics is failing at every level and taking the country with it. That same rotten model of Politics which applies across western democracies needs a revamp and with this same approach; some additional pointers mentioned in this post. Remember Trump and the trend fueling ultra-right politics is a symptom and not the main disease.

Finally just to say that the one positive thing coming out of all this are the constant leaks which in my mind is the only way for the public/admin establishment to fight back this toxic force they see in the White House. These people whoever they may be are doing a big service to the country probably at enormous risk and they have been the ones most effective in exposing the Trump gang in the fight to save the country.

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