A very interesting insight in this interview on PBS about interactions between Comey & Trump and seems quite consistent with what we know of the character of both these individuals. The wild card here for me is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the views of Comey on his appointment which to me does fit the profile we’ve seen through his actions as a “Survivor”. In my view Rosenstein’s inconsistent behavior by first writing a letter to Trump suggesting Comey’s dismissal, then appointing someone with a high level of political integrity as Robert Mueller to be the Special Council for the Russia Investigation and the way this appointment was announced by keeping the WH in the dark seems curious. What we see from the Liberal media after the Mueller appointment is 180 degrees reversal in terms of the view on Rosenstein now considering him the savior for America. My take on it is that it’s slightly more tricky – requires much more diligence – when making a call of judgement on someone with inconsistent behavior rather than someone you know how he reacts based on his public views/history. So the suggestion here is not to be too decisive when judging Rosentein on his last appointment and keeping a close eye on this interesting character.

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