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Hearts & Minds in Sri Lanka

Another cowardly attack by Muslim terrorists, this time on a holy site and during a holy period; this is truly disgusting beyond expression but no longer surprising. It is also a reminder of the global reach of terrorism and the need to uproot this ideology altogether not only via security […]

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The Cowards Strike Again

Deepest condolences to family/friends of the victim of this cowardly attack in Paris last night and prayers to all injured from it. The battle against terrorism starts and ends with us all holding to our values and way of life. It is a battle that does not start at the […]

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Fallen Hero

Yet another cowardly attack claims lives in France. Today we also here about the death of  Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame, 45;  the gendarme helped bring an end to a gunman’s shooting spree in southern France yesterday. I am angry – very very angry – the same way I feel every time a similar […]

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