Faces of Our Failures in Afghanistan & Beyond!

I cannot even begin to express how I felt watching the desperate plea for help & answers of this Afghan journalist and how angry I felt watching the completely impotent/cold response of Jens Stoltenberg the Secretary General of NATO. Obviously I do not blame Mr. Jens Stoltenberg personally but I blame the consistent failure of NATO and western forces in general to consider the human cost of their actions or inaction – the price people pay. Yes they may have darker skin but they also have names, faces and lives that matter. We cannot be allowed to simply walk away from people that entrusted us with their lives because that’s entirely incompatible with the values we preach and more importantly that we care about. For now – and to make it short – there needs to be deliberate action to minimise the damage done by this catastrophic  NATO/US withdrawal at every level. Then we need to reevaluate our intervention strategies moving forward as I mentioned in my previous blog.  I hope we all continue to keep a close eye on Afghanistan and take our responsibility towards the people we left behind seriously.

Hope that makes sense.

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