All I can say is “Amen!”. Although I would obviously like the UK to return to the EU as soon as possible for our own interest, I think Britain needs the experience outside the EU-if this will be the ultimate result-to appreciate that world has changed from the days of the British empire. In terms of the European Union itself I’ve recently argued for this same approach as argued in the article in a this blog; The EU Pushover Mindset Must End. As mentioned in the blog an important prerequisite for a successful European project is ensuring complete independence when it comes to defense, so a budget increase/efficient spending on defense-including cyber security-is key, after all an economic/political powerhouse can only be a viable project/partner if it’s able to protect it’s interests. I would also suggest as I have in many of my posts including this one; Progressive Governance Initiative (PGI); Incentivising Change; there needs to an overhaul of foreign policy strategy particular as related to counter terrorism efforts.

Bottom line is that the EU needs to do it alone in this “stretch/lap” and it’s critical for it to make a success of it simply because it’s entire future is at stake. This could be seen as a big challenge but the way I would like to think of it is that it’s by far the greatest opportunity for the EU to evolve/develop in structure/capabilities.

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