The Westward Gold-Rush but NOT Entirely Hush Hush!

Shocking to see/watch the photo’s & video Clips from Kabul airport; my heart goes out to the millions in Afghanistan (and beyond frankly – IranIraqPalestineLibya etc.) that continue to deal with poor foreign policy decisions that end up exacerbating conflicts rather than resolving them. Efforts & resources wasted, lives lost on all sides and now comes the time for mass migration/more security vulnerabilities which reflect our own debit column of the transaction. Just imagine if you will had we been able to see the future in 2001 to see U.S. troops 20 years later with their tails between their legs and fleeing the country after a wasted effort that may well transform Afghanistan again to a wasted land; this after having given Afghans a false expectation of a bright future. Well they will most certainly try to find this future elsewhere and have every right to do so and we shouldn’t really complain – can we? Foreign policy ain’t easy; sure you can make decisions allowing military might to drive them through, but the fact of the matter is military power alone without proper long-term planning by experts who understand the social/political topography/history within the conflict zone is a lost cause. Installing puppet governments who have no true legitimacy will not help – there needs to be a national solution from within not imposed “Nation Building” from the outside – the term constantly used as an excuse for non-intervention where convenient. In other words there needs to be a well defined adaptable plan before committing any sustained military intervention. These cowboy military actions do not go away by themselves and will need to addressed – at what additional cost is the question. For now we need to reevaluate our foreign policy particularly where military intervention is concerned and we need to fix the past & present mess that we’ve created to finally/effectively resolve conflicts we created and that are very likely to affect us in the very near future with this “Westward Gold-Rush”.

Hope that makes sense.

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