First off let me say that our prayers go to all those affected by this cowardly act as well as their families and friends. These atrocities I can only hope strengthen our resolve as a nation to rid the country of these sick cowards. That said however 2 things lead me to believe that we have a very big security vulnerability in this country;

  1. The confusion of the initial police reports that suggested the incident as not being terror related – link below. This in of itself – if true – demonstrates total confusion in our security services to the extent of incompetence at the highest level of the service. It also demonstrates that internal guidelines for making statements on such serious matters need to revised because these false statements have a direct impact on our security and how we react to/advised about these incidents.
  2. Once it was determined that this was indeed a terrorist act we see that same pattern by the security services in dealing with these threats just by reading their statement about the incident which goes along the following lines;
    Security sources say the suspect came to the attention of the security services after they received information he had aspirations to travel to Syria – potentially for terrorism – but further investigation suggested no genuine threat or immediate risk was identified.

How many times have we heard this before and what the hell are the lessons that have learned from previous incidents? In other words it is absolutely clear to me that there are big failures in dealing with these terrorist threats despite them being in many cases not sophisticated incidents.

Once again as I mentioned in previous posts reacting to similar incidents I hope that we finally see some progress in confronting this ongoing threat and I suspect it could start by a change in priorities of current security procedures and revising guidelines in emitting information about them.

Hope this helps.

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