I came across a very interesting piece in the Guardian about our security policy entitled; Britain’s main threats are from Russia and jihadi terrorists – our defence policy should reflect that by Paul Mason. A highly recommended read but a few points I would like to make;

  1. Unlike what many suggest our national security policy begins with our Foreign Policy and ends with our National Defence policy. Fire power alone is NOT the answer as many in the defence industry would have you believe. So when we come to face up terrorist threats we need to look at our Foreign policy actions that contribute/exacerbate regional conflicts. Here is a relevant post.
  2. Regional alliances are key players in the new global order – no longer do super powers hold the wildcard; some seem to be struggling in accepting this reality. No single country will have the military capacity/influence to change this reality and as such we need to build on alliances we have and adjust our capabilities within this context and NOT independent of it.
  3. Part of the defence/security strategy there needs to a mechanism for constant re-evaluation of the security landscape/evolving threats so that policy/resources can be adjusted prudently irrespective of party politics. If such a system does indeed exist then obviously there is flaw somewhere that is preventing it from operating effectively and there indeed much room for improvement as highlighted in the article.
  4.   The article again demonstrates the importance of the EU as a major partner in terms of security/defence. Yet another indication of the fallacies perpetrated by nationalist ideologues who are happy to sever all ties with the EU jeopardising not only our economy but also our security (and reputation if serious about withholding the BREXIT bill) in the process. At some point we really need to wake up and fix the mess by taking back control of the country from these bunch of nerds currently in control. The more time we take in doing so the worse off we will be at the end of the road-TIME is a luxury we can’t afford.
  5. Finally this is a repeat call to a main point I continually try and bring attention to; we need a revamp of our political system, one that only relies on experts in cabinet – not people selected at whim for achieving purely ideological objectives or favoritisms. Expertise has to count in government as it does in any business and people leading government departments should be from – or closely associated with – these departments to follow/apply the ethos/standards expected as the backbone of any institution. Government after all is NOT intended to be a joy ride for the privileged.



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