Another cowardly attack by Muslim terrorists, this time on a holy site and during a holy period; this is truly disgusting beyond expression but no longer surprising. It is also a reminder of the global reach of terrorism and the need to uproot this ideology altogether not only via security measures but also by adapting a wider multi-layered international strategy in defeating the root causes – unfortunately all what we see are a bunch of reactionary policies predominantly focused on security measures. Foreign Policy is another key ingredient such as policies we engage in for either economic incentives or due to flawed/simplistic foundation of our security strategy that treats “security” in isolation of other policy and historical factors that we should have learned a long time ago; a simple example of which is our continued support for autocratic regimes that use “security” as a pretext for political oppression rather than applying fundamental internal fixes to a rogue/corrupt governance model focused on purely on rule and all financial incentives that come with it while creating a beautiful outer fake facade for deflection, with little focus/interest in routing out extremist ideology which in effect helps keep them in power while giving us the excuse of supporting them even further; the endless/mindless loop. We also need to remember that our culpability in creating then ignoring regional conflicts is another factor here and becomes yet another source affecting of our own security/stability when we start talking about political/economic migration; I’ve written plenty on the topic so will not rehash here but when you see statements denouncing these terrorist acts from these states take it with a pinch of salt (or may be a bag of salt).

For now however our thoughts/prayers are with the victims of this cowardly act and I hope the  group that perpetrated this act are brought to justice as soon as possible.

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