Plenty of analysis now going on over the Mueller Report and rightly so but the concern is where the United States media & congress hit the “Analysis Paralysis” yet again and the only winner in this situation would be Donald Trump Inc. I am not really interested in using this post to analyse this document further but just to make a few points;

  1. It is crystal clear in my opinion that there are plenty in this report – not to mention the wisdom set forth by Robert Muller in defining a roadmap for the way forward in terms of Congressional oversight – that can form the foundation of an impeachment proceeding.
  2. Democrats should really follow the example of Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling to impeach the president as a matter of principle irrespective of the political outcome, and this for me is a key point. In actual fact “Principle” has been the thrust of the Democrats opposition with the current administration on policy as well as this “fake” presidency. So when “Principle” suddenly becomes an optional byproduct rather than the foundation of policy everyone losses including the United States as a whole. This has to be the focal point of contention with the Trump/Republicans bandwagon an opportunity NOT to be missed.
  3. The longer there is confusion within the Democratic party about impeaching the president based on the revelation in this report and possibly other parallel ongoing investigation, they are in effect undermining both the report itself, they’re own Congressional oversight role and indeed their own track record of opposition to this presidency/government, where even Republicans point to lack of will among Democratic leadership to pursue an impeachment path as a sign of the total exoneration of Trump which is a convenient yet wrong narrative.
  4. It is also NOT insignificant that across parties there is no fundamental dispute on the accuracy of the Mueller Report and the fact that it is unlikely the public will have another opportunity to know more about the internal workings of the White House than what’s covered in this document.

In other words if we see evidence of corruption in our politics we should not let the politics of the day drive the narrative and instead we should stand up/challenge them on principle and let that drive the process not the other way round.

PS: True, I am no American, but I do care for America & it’s undistorted values

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