Deepest condolences to family/friends of the victim of this cowardly attack in Paris last night and prayers to all injured from it. The battle against terrorism starts and ends with us all holding to our values and way of life. It is a battle that does not start at the front line with security/defence but rather ends there; it starts with effective policy & intelligence. I would also suspect that with every incident there’s a constant review of defensive/offensive measures – in this instant the issue of recruitment of Chechens not only to perform terrorist acts but also to fight with Jihadi groups in the Middle East and possibly beyond which is part of the terrorist structure that needs to be dismantled from its roots. Defeating terrorism in my view requires a multinational strategy with a structure and a clear set of objectives so that the battle starts at the source; a battle not only involving security/defence but also defective policies that do nothing but alienate segments of society and leaves way to extremism/terrorism. So I can only suggest for the EU to begin leading the effort in developing such a structure or at least assess the feasibility of this approach. You see some are of the view that putting a country in a sealed box to protect from terrorism is the ultimate solution but to me this approach does nothing but suffocate the nation and it’s natural development; which after all is one of the core objectives of these groups (to disrupt and divide) — so let’s NOT allow this to happen and challenge this flawed/convenient alt-right political vision with it’s narrow objectives that does not reflect our values.

For now let’s pray for the victim/injured and their families.

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