Yet another cowardly attack on our community to emphasise that terrorism can impact all communities irrespective of race/colour. My heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible incident. I suspect another “Cobra” meeting is due for “illustration” purposes more than anything else to give the impression that something is indeed happening in government in reaction to this incident. The increasing number of attacks in Britain is truly concerning and demonstrates deep rooted vulnerabilities in the social fabric of the nation (which are by no means insurmountable) as well as on the security front. This compounded by a government led by someone overly keen on self-preservation/perceptions rather than the substance/responsibility of governance and its costing lives in the process. It is worth remembering in situations like this that delayed action in resolving issues comes at a price of making the solutions overly complex and time consuming; this while people’s lives may be at risk because guess what, the majority us of do NOT walk around with bodyguards.

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