An interesting article written by Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst about the definition of terrorism – link below. That said I believe that analysis of the definition of “Terrorism” may be intriguing  but needs to be analysed within the context of our primary objective/concern on how to eliminate terrorism and its root causes/sources. The “sources” part of this statement is where this analysis can prove relevant if authorities decide to re-evaluate what constitutes terrorist activity and/or incitement something I believe is far overdue. The security landscape is changing/evolving rapidly and our laws need to evolve with them. Obviously tackling terrorism is not just a question of security & law enforcement but rather is a complex subject matter that covers things like foreign policy, economy, education, immigration/integration policies. So what is needed is a well defined strategy that takes all these elements into consideration because they are all interconnected. Equally important is that we develop/implement this strategy urgently because delay comes at a price of lives being lost and an ecosystem that becomes ever more complex requiring more time/effort to make these potential solutions achievable.

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