Just learned the news of the death of Otto Warmbier the US student who has recently returned from captivity in North Korea. Very sad news indeed and my heart/deepest condolences goes to his family and friends. Let his story also serve to remind us of the many lives lost under torturous inhumane conditions and the souls still suffering to this day in prisons all over the world. I hope that something is finally done to eliminate this growing trend particularly under authoritarian dictatorships; we should unite as we have in the fight against racism. It is incumbent upon the Democratic/Liberal nations around the world to lead the way in this direction and ensure there are binding UN resolutions that are not just ink on paper but are actually enforceable. We cannot in this day and age accept such barbarity to continue. Western governments in particular should stop providing any kind of economic, financial or military support to regimes engaging in such activity with the excuse of benefits to business/the economy. We should live by what we preach & by following our core values – something that may seem foreign to our political masters due to weak leadership/corruption that is plaguing our political echo system. We need to find strong leaders willing to challenge this state of affairs and “Lead” us to the right track because morality/values are the foundations of a progressive/forward looking state. Let’s #fighttorture.

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