It of course not surprising that a “politician” – and we’re pushing the term to beyond its limits here – to exploit this somber occasion for her campaign-nothing is really beneath this “lady”. Her agenda at its core is this; protection through fear, exclusion and hate which in many ways is identical to that of terrorist organisations. The war on Terrorism Ms. Le Pen & friends is a war of values and traditions, so forsaking these at the start of the battle means that you loose all your protective gear as a nation and ultimately your identity. This is not just rhetoric/empty statements/ideas, Values & Morality do have meaning and the degree at which we uphold/protect them does have direct consequences on our present and future. But of course we do have the choice to learn this lesson the easy way or the hard way; I actually thought that with history of conflict in the west and the social/economic development we’ve reached that we’ve already learned the lessons but I guess we may be suffering from a form of amnesia and our adversaries are enjoying the experience, including the handsome chap in the photo above. Back to the point; in the real world reactionary policies exploiting people’s emotions never worked and actually reflects the objective of the adversary. More importantly your isolationist/xenophobic and racist policies can only make France more vulnerable to terrorism and internal conflict. So to all your friends out there here is a simple message; Your anxiety, frustration and fear due to failed policies on immigration/integration are well founded. However, the pragmatic way to deal with this is to fix these problems NOT to isolate yourselves and lock the doors. At this day and age isolationist posture/policies do not work. If you don’t believe me just observe Mr. Trump and how he’s having to back track on threats he made during his campaign regarding Mexico, NATO, the EU and China (I guess that’s where simple minds meet). The world Ms. Le Pen is promising you is based on a reality that does not actually exist, so she’s either giving you false expectations or she’s willing to gamble the nation’s future strictly on ideological grounds. You also need to look at her profile/track record to make a judgement as noted in the 2nd related post below.

So to sum up you have the choice to re-learn the lessons of history

the Easy Way or the Trump Way

and Anyway here’s wishing you luck on Polling Day.

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