Breaking News; Police dealing with potentially 2 major incidents in London Bridge as well as Borough Market close to the Bridge. There seems to be injuries and possible fatalities. My heart goes to family/friends of all those affected. What is critical now is that suspects & collaborators are apprehended, to face the full force of the law & where relevant people could face “Deportation” & loosing citizenship; we do need to apply more stringent measures in combating these cowardly acts. There should be 0 tolerance to any hint of disloyalty to this nation or to any hint of coverup of suspicious activity/behavior by friends/family. PM May “enough is enough” should have been 2 attacks ago! But that’s only part of the equation; the government must also work in a non-partisan way with other political leaders to bring effective/sound changes to our broken Immigration/Integration system – not through a panic mode legislation – but by working with community experts/leaders to help achieve consensus on these critical issues that have longer term implications. Foreign Policy is another important piece of the puzzle and flawed policies abroad hit our security at home very swiftly so please wake up and smell the damn coffee because we need to remember the public don’t have the luxury the security provided to politicians and they’re the ones on the firing line when flawed policies “happen“. There are many related posts on this site here. I also updated this post having first suggested there may have been a delay in responding to the attack by the security services after fatalities were reported. Now I understand that police were on the seen within 8 minutes of the attack and neutralized the 3 perpetrators. From all the reports it seems that the security services were quite effective in dealing with this incident and as such I would like to extend my thanks/appreciation to them all for their incredible professionalism in responding to the situation. That said there is always room for re-evaluation and I am sure the security services are keen to constantly develop/enhance their tactics in the fight against terrorism particular after incidents like this.

For now I can only think/pray for all the victims & their families/friends – may God Bless them all.

Live Coverage here;

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