When we hear Brexiteer’s & the government complaining about how a second referendum on actual terms of deal with EU would somehow undermine the will of the British people that voted to Leave the EU in the first referendum and merely an attempt to “wreck” BREXIT, we only need to reflect on the words of a wise old man who once said on the EU referendum;

“How to negotiate such a change, and how to obtain the approval of the British people for attempting such a historic deal – one which will affect the future not just for them, but for their children and grandchildren. I believe that we can achieve both of these aims with a focussed approach, using the so-called double referendum strategy…The details may be complex, but the primary aim is clear – to get as close as possible to the trading alliance, the common market we all voted for in 1975. Then we present that negotiating package to the British people, and seek their approval for it in a referendum. We would be looking for a clear mandate...In the same Act of Parliament that establishes the Mandate referendum, we also commit the country to a decision referendum, to be held when the EU negotiation is concluded. In that referendum the British people would either approve the new negotiated relationship, or if it was not good enough, it would trigger the negotiation to leave the Union. The aim of this strategy is to give the British people the final say, but it is also to massively reinforce the legitimacy and negotiating power of the British negotiating team.

The Rt Hon David Davis MP

And here is another impressive insight from that same wise man in 2012 speech on the European Union (EU);

“If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”.

The Rt Hon David Davis MP

Turns out this is the same wise man leading us out of the EU in his role as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union and trying to fast track the process. But of course memory for this wise man comes at a premium; one that demonstrates his disingenuous arguments in blocking the democratic process to play its course by allowing people to decide on terms of one of the the most consequential decisions they will make probably in a lifetime.

At least let’s just agree to put this hypercritical argument to rest for now and by all means for all you Brexiteer’s out there you can most certainly tinker with another excuse.

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