This man is really a disgrace to British politics be it right, left or centre. I watched again with shock his accusations and foul language in the European Parliament today and all I can say is that he brings shame to me as a British and to the whole country. This is not politics, this is bigotry/vulgarity at a level I believe we’ve never seen before-and he made it a habit to show it off at the European Parliament. What is more appalling is the perception he seems to have that he represents the British people in this vile approach. Wearing funny socks with the Union Jack does not make you the ultimate representative of the British people my friend-so wake up and the smell the coffee-and leave your socks away from the conversation. I would also urge the European Parliament to stop allowing this rude person to stain this institution and if it comes to it he should not be allowed in the building-this is an attitude/language that I suspect even the British Parliament would NOT accept. He does not and will not be representative the politics of this great nation of ours-whether BREXIT Leavers or Remainers. He is as far as I am concerned merely a stain on our political echo system which I hope we rid ourselves from in the very near future…..and he can keep his socks.

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