Prime Minister Theresa May, let me just say that every time you open your mouth – on any subject – you seem to be putting yourself and by extension your country into a smaller and smaller box.  Sure we can argue & debate things on matters of policy and that’s fair play. However, when it comes to standing up/protecting your fellow citizens – NOT through statements/rhetoric but through action – this brings the debate to another level altogether. Now I know you’re quite busy doing foreign policy at the minute; by the way let me give you a bit of advice – “foreign policy” starts at home (i.e. you don’t plan foreign trips and plan bold initiatives abroad) when your house is on fire because that in of it self undermines your efforts and frankly your motives in planning them. But beyond that, your latest “softy softy” statement today in Jordan about those tweets from the US “Joker” demonstrate to me yet again that you’re an utter disgrace and a humiliation to this great country of ours by failing yet again to hold him to account by withdrawing his invitation at least unless there is a full unambiguous apology by this US  “Joker” himself for these remarks – I don’t even see how meeting the Queen would be appropriate after these tweets. The damage your inflicting on this country just by presiding as it’s leader – irrespective of the politics of the day – with a lack of vision/ability to unite and more importantly your weak leadership that continues to undermine our ability to fight alt-right ideology that (let’s face it)  played a key role in the BREXIT Leave campaign and now seem to be driving (or at least compatible with) your government politics. What all this means is that we as a country will be paying yet another hefty bill at many levels when your leadership is finally over. I can only hope that some of your Conservative colleagues start putting country before politics in this defining moment for the country (and there aren’t many of these in history) that is if they subscribe to this worldview.

Now I know that to you and your supporters this post may be “the wrong thing to do”  but then again I can’t please everybody, can I?

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