Best of luck to all attending the March. Keep safe and Keep on Clear Message/Demands without alienating others. Make this a Positive stand for the Europe & the EU. We need a sustained/peaceful action campaign to set the tone and make politicians move off their behinds/listen. It is ultimately the people that need to make their decision on whether to leave and an inclusive process that allows all sides to be on the negotiating table because this is NOT a politics as usual proposition but a decision that affects the country for generations to come. It should NOT be about ideology and instead focus on what is best for Britain – not because politicians say so but based on facts/figures and objective assessments/expectations. I believe that if we have a Process that delivers these standards everything else will fall into place. So lets unite and NOT alienate to make sure we take back the initiative from politicians who have by and large failed to deliver a solution that would unite the country – lets teach them how to do it.

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