The detrimental effect of BREXIT on business and the economy is slowly becoming reality. It is not just about the BREXIT decision but more importantly its about the negotiation process itself which indicates prolonged uncertainty about the eventual EU/UK trading relationship coming out of this deal. This assessment is based on recent remarks by EU leaders that preparatory discussions on a trade deal could only take place once “sufficient progress” on the divorce had been made. So the parallel negotiations proposition suggested by No. 10 is ditched and businesses are taking notice by making plans for a future on the continent or at the very least not risking further investments in the UK. What all this means is that the overall BREXIT bill is going to be much higher than previously anticipated in even the worst case scenarios. So I guess we will once again need to update our BREXIT cost/benefit projections which makes it all the more crucial that we are able assess the result of this train wreck before signing onto it.

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The BREXIT Tunnel: British Government On the Way and On Notice

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