In a recent tweet by the PM she called for Tolerance, Decency & Respect in the treatment of politicians. Here’s the tweet;

I could not resist – particularly on a weekend – the temptation to come up with my brief response to the tweet, so here goes;

With all due respect, Decency/Respect don’t come/go on a command dial. It starts at the top & filters down through to the public. Though I do NOT in any way condone personal attacks on politicians but you could do with a dose of self-reflection to judge your own failures in uniting the nation & policies/actions that do nothing but exacerbate the divisions//polarisation we see today at all levels of society. All this while promoting feeling of antagonism/intimidation towards EU nationals – many of whom have contributed immensely to the successes of this country on many levels. Your leadership, and I hope you consider this a legitimate criticism NOT a personal attack, has been an utter disaster for this “great Britain” and this at the back of one of the most consequential moments in our history. Incompetence is the trademark of you & your government and thanks in no small part to the alt-right ideologues that are in the driving seat. So please before you write your next lecture on the subject – take a moment to reflect on the path you are leading us for. You may have great intentions but ultimately you’re judged on results – not necessarily long term results – but also short term results that have long term implications. 

I believe it’s time for you to go, and for someone with a new vision/character to lead us through politics, actions and processes (NOT lectures) that emphasise inclusiveness/unity rather than by divisive politics driven by ego and narrow ideological prejudices. This country deserves much better than what you have to offer irrespective of people’s political affiliation.     

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