Here are some interesting tweet exchanges today (my responses are in green)

Theresa May’s Orderly/Painless BREXIT

Yes of course, no one will feel a thing! After we’ve done our bit just inhale/exhale once & you’ll be fine forever; let us worry about where to dump your body, in time of course – we’re rather busy you know 🙂 Oh, @theresa_may you continue to warm our hearts/minds like a candlelight in a crispy winter night in the alps!

Beware Nigel Farage Feels Contempt

My contempt is for people pretending to represent/fight for this country while their agenda is quite narrower and inline with Trump & Inc and far right leaders across Europe & of course Russia – all this of course while wearing their union jack socks;

Nigel Farage is ‘person of interest’ in FBI investigation into Trump and Russia



WRITE TO YOUR MP; Say what you actually believe/think rather than following ideological narrative from the right or left keen on narrow objectives. More importantly assess/validate info thrown at you & insist on making judgement based on facts. This is the UK NOT Saudi Arabia.

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