It is clear from the results of the snap elections by the Prime Minister is that it was the result of a  “snap” judgement by the her/team. It demonstrates clearly that she – with all due respect to her – is not the right person to be leading this great nation particularly at the exit doors of the EU, something I predicted a few months back in this post when she made this decision. From this end I would recommend another “snap One” for a new leader because we only face major decisions that affect our future like BREXIT once in a lifetime. Going into coalition with the DUP is the worst option ever going into these negotiations and more importantly does reflect the election results suggesting people prefer the option of  a soft – BREXIT as opposed to the hard – BREXIT approach of the government – this is Democracy by forcefully dragging a bull by the horn.

With regards to the Liberal Democrats & the Greens I see the results as a catastrophic failure of their leadership & campaigning which essentially kills any hope for a serious party standing up for the EU and means that we’re going into BREXIT machine with little balance of vision. Their main failure in strategy is facing up to the argument advocated by the pro-BREXIT side that; we’ve made a decision so we need to get on with it – decision based on flawed/false premises should NOT be allowed to continue without being vigorously challenged – and there was nothing vigorous about their efforts. It really all boils down to Leadership & Strategy however well intentioned the efforts may have been.

Now that we are here I would urge the entire country to review BREXIT NOT in isolation of the political context we face in terms of the ultra-right, Russia and an increasingly isolated/ineffective U.S administration. We would do well if we can delay the BREXIT decision for 1-2 years and establish some accommodation with our EU partners in the interim to see if we can iron out our differences considering the new political echo system we find ourselves facing right now. We should NOT make a major decision like that in this environment simply because no one really understands the implications on our exit strategy and how these changes may affect it – it’s a new political echo system out there in case you haven’t noticed and we need to re-evaluate our decisions; this applies both for the EU & the UK. This in my mind would be the prudent approach – which undoubtedly be interpreted by some as an excuse – but people are free to draw their own conclusions. Just make sure that these conclusions are not based on rigid ideology but rather a pragmatic judgement that favours viewing the situation in context to make sound decisions.

Let’s encourage some sanity by promoting this hashtag on twitter; #kickbrexitout

PS: With the frequency of forming governments Buckingham Palace will eventually decide that instead of the PM asking to visit the Palace to kick start the process texting them would be sufficient. Just a thought to Break the Ice!

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